The art of coffee is a serious thing

You've heard of wine tasting, and you've probably also heard people wax poetic
about the flavour notes they're tasting in their coffee. But did you know there's a
whole school of thought around how coffee beans are roasted? There's more to
it than what your local roaster does when they pop the beans in the oven. Turns
out, the way your coffee beans are roasted has a huge impact on what flavours
you get out of the final product. Who knew?
Wood roasting oven
Some coffee roasters roast their beans with gas flames, while others like us,
choose wood, hot air and smoke instead.
Wood-roasting our beans produces a better tasting espresso. At Baccadoro’s we
are serious about our process, starting with selecting only the highest quality
beans from around the world, grown under ideal conditions for rich flavour and
consistency. Then we use state-of-the-art technology to roast those beans using
100% hot humid air rather than direct heat from a gas flame. This method
produces a consistent roast, resulting in cleaner, sweeter, full bodied tasting
coffee with rich flavour notes that are simply unparalleled.
If you love coffee, you probably already know a lot about flavour.
But what if we told you that the most common source of fuel used to supply a
coffee roaster with heat is gas? We are one of the few Italian companies to roast
coffee beans exclusively over a fire fueled by Oak Wood. The differences are not
what one might initially expect. Unlike cooking with a wood oven or grill, where
the smoke from the wood imparts a flavour to the final product, the main
difference between wood and conventional roasting lies in the quality of the
heat delivered to the beans. Heat derived from wood has higher moisture
content and is better suited for slow roasting.
The natural humidity within the wood seems to envelop the beans during the
roasting process, hence preserving more of the lipids within.

The more oil preserved within the bean, the more
exquisite the final flavour will be.

Meanwhile, the slow roasting aspect ensures the coffee is lower in acidity and
higher in body. The result is most apparent in our espresso, yielding more crema,
fuller flavour, and a smoother finish.
Wood-fired ovens and grills are great because they give your food a unique,
distinct taste. But with coffee beans, the effect is a little different. You might be
thinking the wood-fired process would impart a deep, smoky flavour to the
beans—but it doesn't. The resulting change in flavour characteristics are subtle
and nuanced, providing what we call an "imprint" of smoke rather than an
entirely altered profile.
Coffee cup

Made with love

The slow roasting process helps the raw coffee to develop its characteristic
flavour profiles to the maximum. The raw beans are given enough time to have
more than 1500 different chemical reactions occur inside, which break down
protein and evaporate water, caramelizing sugar.
With this softer and sensitive pyrolysis process, the very delicate and rare florals
within the beans are enhanced, the tropical fruits, berries, lime and other fruits
are more heavily pronounced. The sweet note of sugar, honey, maple syrup,
cocoa, toffee, caramel and so on are much deeper and stronger. Further, the
nutty, earthy and spicy notes are richer and stronger
We hope you will enjoy a distinctive coffee experience which is impossible to
GROWN IN HIGH ALTITUDES in South America, India and Africa. The higher
the altitude the coffee is grown at, the denser the bean, the higher the level of
SLOW WOOD FIRED ROASTING - Heat derived from wood has a higher
moisture content which helps preserve more of the lipids and antioxidants in
coffee beans. The more oil preserved within the bean, the more distinctively
undeletable the final flavour
EACH ROAST IS UNIQUE - The unique advantages of wood roasting do not
come without challenges. Only experts can generate consistent quality from
such an inconsistent fuel.
More Benefits...
LOW ACID - Slow roasting is key in preventing the coffee bean from being
burned insuring that your coffee will be low in acidity and easy to digest. No
more burning stomach!
RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS - Heat derived from wood has higher moisture
content which helps preserve more of the lipids and antioxidants in coffee
BREATHABLE 1 KG PACKAGES - Freshly roasted coffee needs to degas. Our
bags have minuscule one-way holes that lets carbon dioxide escape from the
beans but does not let any oxygen in. When your Baccadoro coffee arrives,
make sure to squeeze the bag and smell some of the aromas that make
Baccadoro so desirable.
BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC FOR OUR CAPSULES - We use only biodegradable plastic for our capsules. Made from organic compounds, this plastic can decompose in less than a year (in ideal conditions).